ClipX Beta 7  v.

ClipX Beta is a free, easy to use and small application that allows you to keep track of your recent internet or files history.This software helps you to save files of browsing pages in order to use them after a while.

ActiveState PerlNET Beta  v.

PerlNET Beta installs on top of ActivePerl build 628 *and higher*.Unicode strings are marshaled correctly between Perl and .NET.System.Boolean values now have the same values as Perl booleans ('1' / '' in string and 1 / 0 in numeric context).


1-Wire SDK Beta  v.4.0

The 1-Wire SDK Beta is divided into 3 sections, each representing a unique Applications Programmer Interface (API). The first focuses on the 1-Wire .NET J# libraries and is called OW.NET API.

Beta Decay  v.3 22

Beta Decay is a physics simulation tool that deals with particle decay. It illustrates the concepts of nuclear decay, beta decay, and nuclear physics, among others. It consists of two tabs which present different types of the same simulation.

Nokia Communication Centre BETA  v.7. 1. 2008

A new updated beta-version of Nokia Communication Centre 2.0 has been released. This is a program that allows working with contacts, messages and now also with calendar at your desktop and then synchronize information with Nokia smart phone.

Remnant Knights Closed Beta  v.1.0

Remnant Knights Closed Beta is a combat game where you have to fight against Skalari. These are beings from another dimension that only the kids can see. They are constantly hurting people or making mischief.

Blaze (Beta 2)  v.1.0

Blaze (Beta 2) is a software used for statistical analysis.You can create beautiful histograms with very little effort.

DB Master 11 Beta  v.1.0

Db Master 11 beta is a database editor for FIFA 11. In FIFA 11 the database are archived in .big files. Before you can edit the databases (main or local languages) you need to extract them. Use the Menu 'FileExtract from .BIG'.

Beta Blocker  v.

Based on the classic gameplay of Escape Velocity and other foundations such as Elite and Freelancer, Beta Blocker is a combination of great gameplay and classic features. Beta Blocker is played out in an expansive universe,

Sikkim CD Ripper Encoder Beta  v.1.0

Sikkim CD Ripper Encoder Beta is a freeware (souvenir) to all members. It is just like any other cd ripper in the world. It's easy & handy program for all kinds of user,

Eudora Pro Beta  v.8.0.0 Beta 6

Eudora Pro Beta is a robust email client whose features include the capability to filter, redirect, and forward mail, as well as multiple address list formatting options. It supports QuickTime 3.0 and HTML-enriched email,

Agile Metronome Beta  v.

Developed by David Petrla Set the tempo directly or by tapping and select from a wide range of signatures. The Metronome can run under locked screen, supports vibration, two beautiful graphic themes and different sounds. This fully working beta

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